April 4, 2019

March 30 and April 1 found us in Mumbai, India for an overnight stay. We were docked at the cruise terminal with a short shuttle ride to the Green Gate where you exit the port. Taxis are abundant so we took one to the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, a five star hotel, for lunch and then a walk around the area on some of the back streets visiting some of the local shops. We found a chemist (drugstore) with pills and other medicines stocked from floor to ceiling and a custom tailor that would make a shirt in 2 hours. The next day we went back to the hotel for another lunch, this time on the top floor of the hotel with panoramic views of our ship and the Gateway of India, the iconic archway at the head of the harbor. After a leisurely lunch we returned to the tailor to pick up some clothes we ordered the day before and then back to the ship. The sail away was just before sunset so the skyline had a golden hue as we left India.

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