On This Day . . .

Dakar in Senegal was our stop on April 17, 2018. Dakar is the capital and largest city of Senegal. It is located on the Cap-Vert peninsula on the Atlantic coast and is the westernmost city in the Old World as well as on the African mainland. 

We decided to leave Dakar and travel inland to the Bandia Game Reserve, situated 40 miles southwest of Dakar, in a dry forest dominated by acacia and very old baobab trees. it has succeeded in reintroducing much of the marvelous native flora and fauna that disappeared from Senegal centuries ago due to population pressures and poaching. 

We boarded a Safari truck with 6 rows of seats and headed out into the reserve. Once there we encountered many native animals including white rhinoceros, zebra, giraffes and buffalo. 

On our journey to and from the reserve we passed small villages and herds of cattle.  As sailed out of  Dakar we we passed Goree Island.

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