On This Day . . .

On April 7, 2018 we docked in Walvis Bay, an old whaling port and german enclave in Namibia. We took a tour out to Sandwich Harbor to see the massive dunes meet the Atlantic Ocean and includes a bay in the north and a lagoon at the southern end. Formerly the bay was a moderately-sized commercial port based around whaling and small scale fishing, but it is now best known for its birdlife in the lagoon to the south of the bay.

On our way out we stopped at the lagoon to observe the thousands of flamingos that reside there. Then we traveled out into the salt flats passing a huge salt production facility. 

We then went along the ocean into the bay during low tide with the high dunes only meters away. This route is only available to travel at low tide, otherwise you have to travel up over the dunes. 

We then climbed up onto the massive dunes where there were panoramic views of the area. On our way back we traveled down and up the dunes to return back to the ship. 

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