On This Day . . .

On March 31, 2018, we docked in our first African port, Maputo, formerly known as Lourenço Marques (named after a Portuguese explorer), is the capital of Mozambique. Here we took a tour of the city, starting out at the Railway Station, constructed from 1908 to 1916 in the Beaux-Arts style. Widely recognized for its attractiveness, the station has been ranked by international publications as one of the world's most beautiful. 

We then went to the Municipal market where everything from produce to hair extensions were sold. Then we traveled on to Maputo Fort, a Portuguese fortress built in 1721. 

Our next stop was to visit  Independence  Square and then on to the Iron House built entirely of Iron. Our last stop was at the Museum of Natural History. After a full day we left just after the sun set.

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