On This Day . . .

On February 27, 2018, our second day in Bali, we drove to the Ubud area, for a day of visiting some of the local artisans. Our first stop as at the Phatam Batik Factory in Batubulan. After seeing a demonstration we went into their shop to share our money. Next up was Yan Yan Silver and Gold. Here the craftsmen fashioned jewelry in very intricate designs.  

We then took break from shopping and went to visit a traditional Baliese home, where cake was offered that was cut paper thin and was delicious. Our next stop was at Daging Wood Carvers. Here all the carving was done with hand tools and each carver did their own piece and then handed it off to be sanded and finished. 

It was now time for lunch so we were taken to the Babek Joni Restaurant. Known for its crispy duck and satay. This was an open air restaurant that over looked a rice field. 

Our last stop was at a painting gallery, called Semar Kuning 1, artist cooperative painting. Again there was a group of artists working on projects to demonstrate the different techniques.

On the way back to the ship we passed the very impressive Rahman Monument. 

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