2018-01-21 - Rangiroa - Judy & Bob’s Travels

On This Day . . .

On January 21, 2018, we arrived off of Avatoru on the isle of Rangiroa in French Polynesia. We were anchored inside a luminous turquoise and jade-green lagoon of the second largest atoll in the world. The tender ride was less than 10 minutes. On the pier were some craft vendors and local food shacks. We decided to walk over to the ocean side of the atoll. Along the way were some nice homes with ginger bread decorated eaves. After a 20 minute stroll we were on the ocean next to the cut where the ship entered the lagoon earlier that morning. It was a beautiful day on a picturesque  tropical atoll. 

The local here also like to use the wakes of our tender to hitch a ride to and from shore. As we left many of the locals came to the shore to see us off. 

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