2017-03-09 - Singapore - Judy & Bob’s Travels

On This Day . . .

ne of our favorite cites, Singapore, was our destination on March 9, 2017. We were docked in a new terminal, Marina Bay Cruise Center, which was not as convenient as where we usually dock, but did have a good view of Singapore’s skyline. On this day we went to the Gardens by the Bay, a nature park spanning 101 hectares (250 acres) of reclaimed land in central Singapore, adjacent to the Marina Reservoir. The park features very large metal trees called Super Trees, which dominate the landscape and are home to many species of ferns and bromeliads as well as solar panels, water collection vessels and even a restaurant. Also in the gardens are 2 large conservatories, the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest. The Flower Dome features plants of dryer milder climates, while the Cloud Forest has plants that require the cooler moister conditions of tropical mountain regions.

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