2016-04-06 - Aqaba - Judy & Bob’s Travels

On This Day . . .

We arrived in Aqaba on April 6, 2016, Jordan’s only port. At this port we traveled to Shoubak, located on the eastern side of Jordan, 109 miles from Aqaba. Our trip took us past many Bedouin camps and hillside towns that were in the Syrian Desert. When we reached we went to the Shoubak Castle (Montreal Crusader Castle) which was built in 1115 and was perched on a rocky conical mountain overlooking the plain of Edom. Several rooms have been restored on the 2nd and third levels of the castle and you enter the Cistern and Chapel on the first level. Our journey ended with a stop to view the Petra Valley. From the view of our ship we had a panoramic view of this desert city on the Red Sea.

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