2016-03-30 - Muscat - Judy & Bob’s Travels

On This Day . . .

On March 30,2016, we sailed into the port of Muscat in Oman. Muscat is a city surrounded by mountains and has a deep harbor that was used in the spice trade and was guarded by many forts that were mostly built by the Portuguese. We took a Ho Ho bus around the town for an overview of the countryside. We passed several Mosques and some interesting traffic circle statues like the one representing a Coffee Pot and cups. The main square was flanked by the Oman Development Bank and the city’s Clock Tower. We also stopped at the Al Alam Palace. This is the palace were foreign dignitaries are greeted. We finally stopped at the Mutrah Souk, which had a variety of items such as food, pashminas, clothing and copper items. We left Muscat passing a giant monument on the shore line called the Frankincense Burner Monument.

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