2016-03-21 - Colombo - Judy & Bob’s Travels

On This Day . . .

Colombo, Sri Lanka was our port of call on March 21, 2016, where we docked just outside the city. The Harbor master tower resembles a giant stupa and can been seen from anywhere in the port. Also visible from the port is the Jamiul Alfar Jummah Mosque, with its’ candy cane paint scheme. We left the port to go outside of Colombo to the Kelaniya Buddhist Temple, which lies 7 miles from Colombo. The temple was crowded with worshipers that were celebrating the full moon. Once inside the temple there was a large Reclining Buddha, and many carvings and wall paintings. Outside the temple worshipers were making offerings of fire, water, and flowers. After leaving the temple we drove to the Colombo Town Hall and the park with a large Buddha statue. While there there were several snake charmers charging for photos. There was a great view of the harbor and Colombo skyline as we left the port.

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