2016-03-15 - Singapore - Judy & Bob’s Travels

On This Day . . .

Our last day in Singapore, March 15, 2016, started out on Arab Street. Located in the Arab quarter, adjacent to the Sultan Mosque, Arab Street is lined with shops and boutiques that sell all kinds of fabrics from all over the World. Just like the other ethnic quarters, the buildings are brightly colored and embellished. We then traveled across town, passed the Raffles Hotel and the War Memorial, to the Marina Bay Sands. We walked through the hotel and walked out the other side to the Gardens by the Bay, a 101 hectare nature park built on reclaimed land next to the Marina reservoir. The garden features the Super trees, which are vertical gardens the are 82 feet to 160 feet tall and serve a variety of functions such as photoelectric cells to produce lighting, rain water collection and even house a restaurant. The gardens also have two conservatories, the Cloud Forest and the Flower Dome. The Flower Dome is a 3.1 acre cooled environment with 7 gardens and central changing display field to host seasonal displays and flower shows. While we were there a flowering tree display was being exhibited.

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