2015-04-11 - Delphi - Judy & Bob’s Travels

On This Day . . .

We started our second day, April 11, 2015, with a drive to Delphi, Greece. Once again we traveled through the scenic valleys and mountains until we reached the west face of Mount Parnassus, the site of Delphi which was built by the greeks in 510 to 323 BC, home to the ancient Delphi Oracle. Here we visited the Delphi Museum with some excellent sculptures of the era. We then walked to the ruins, which were on the slopes of the mountain. On the way up through the site you could look down in the valley and see the Temple of Athena. There were many ruins of different treasury buildings with one fully restored on the way to the Grand Temple of Apollo. At the temple there was a spectacular vista of the valley below. Climbing higher was the ancient Theater, which looked down on the temple. Scattered throughout the site were remnants of roman ruins which were built during their occupation. Further down the hill was the Gymnasium. We ended our day in modern Delphi, a town also built on the side of the mountain with 3 main roads and stairs connecting them.

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