2015-03-17 - Cochin - Judy & Bob’s Travels

On This Day . . .

We arrived in India at the port of Cochin, in the state of Kerala, on March 17, 2015. The state of Kerala is known for its backwaters, so we decided to take a tour to see the local life on the waters. As we left the port area there were many cargo trucks that were highly decorated, seems that this is a tradition in this area. We drove for about hour to the town of Alleppey to board a wooden tour boat for a two and half hour trip around the backwaters of the area. There are lots of bamboo mat covered houseboats that can be rented for an overnight trip that included a captain, chef and a steward. The locals were at the waterside cleaning their dishes, clothes and even themselves. The backwaters are bordered on each side by rice fields and this was the harvesting season, so we saw barges carrying sacks of rice on the water as well as workers in the fields harvesting the rice. When we returned to Cochin we passed the Chinese Fishing nets that were introduced to the area in the 14th century and are still used today. We left Cochin as the sun was setting.

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