2015-03-01 - Java - Judy & Bob’s Travels

On This Day . . .

Landing at Semarang, Java, Indonesia on March 1, 2015 we traveled out of the town through the many rice fields to Borobudur, a 9th-century Mahayana Buddhist Temple in Magelang, 70 miles from Semarang. The massive temple consists of a main dome on the upper level surrounded by 72 stupas. Each level is about 10 foot high and there are 9 levels. Each level had intricately sculptured reliefs and many sitting Buddhas. After leaving Borobudur we passed Pawon Temple also built in the 9th century. We then stopped at a puppet show which used shadow puppets and traditional music and song. The final activity of the day was a train ride through the rice fields in Tuntang.

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