2015-02-27 - Bali - Judy & Bob’s Travels

On This Day . . .

Our second day in Bali, February 27, 2015, we spent the day traveling in a VW safari vehicle for 2 with a guide and a driver. We drove thru Denpasar passing community temples and many motorbikes, the main transportation of the area. Our first stop was the town of Klungkung, where gongs and Anklungs, instruments used in traditional Indonesian music, were hand forged and assembled. We then traveled to the foothills of the Bangli region where the 11th century Kehen Temple is located. Guarded by Elephants you climb stairs to and through the split gates to the first tier of the temple. After climbing two more tiers there is the Main Temple surrounded by many smaller community shrines. After leaving we went to Penglipuran Balinese Village, a traditional compound where we visited a family home. There were also some local bamboo crafts that were typical of the area. On our way to lunch we passed a family making funeral floats to honor their deceased relative. Lunch was at the Lakeview Restaurant that look out over a lake and Mt. Batur. On our way back to the ship we passed many orchards and roadside stands.

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