2015-01-31 - Tonga - Judy & Bob’s Travels

On This Day . . .

Because of some bad weather ahead it was decided to skip 2 islands and proceed directly to Nuku’Alofa, Tonga arriving on Saturday evening January 31, 2015 giving us 2 nights and two days in this kingdom. We docked about 8:00pm in the evening after viewing a picturesque sunset. We were greeted by a drummer and conch blower along with some dancers. The reason we had to dock on Saturday evening was that Tonga observes no working on Sundays. On Sunday we left the ship and passed under the welcome sign on the pier and into town. The only business open was a Coffee shop which had Wifi and an interesting quote on its black board. The only sounds heard in the town were that of church choirs coming from the many churches in the area. After one service was over we went into the Free Church of Tonga, which is the oldest church built of coral in 1885. Across the street we saw the Royal Tombs where all the previous Royal Families were buried. On our return to the ship we passed a wooden mask sign at the craft market on the pier which will be open on Monday.

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