2014-04-02 - Cape Town - Judy & Bob’s Travels

On This Day . . .

On April 2. 2014, we woke to see the table cloth, clouds covering and flowing over the top, on Table Mountain. Today we went up on Table Mountain to get the views of Cape Town from above the city. We got our tickets to the cable car which held about 50 people at a time and the floor rotates as you ascend the mountain. The total ride last 4 minutes and the scenery on the way up was outstanding. Once on top the temperature and wind made it very cold but the views were well worth the trip. While there we had sunshine, fog, in and out clouds and even a rainbow. The mountain is home to the Rock Hyrax, a small mammal related to the elephant. When we finally left the mountain, we rode around the seacoast of Cape Town and then a short tour of the old city. Finally we left Cape Town getting one last look at this iconic city.

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