2014-02-24 - Yap Island - Judy & Bob’s Travels

On This Day . . .

On February 24, 2014 we docked in the the port town of Colonia on Yap Island. Yap is known for its stone money, which are large donut shaped stone disks which can reach 12 feet in diameter. Most of the stone money was mined on the island Palau that was 281 miles away and was transported back to Yap on rafts powered by sail driven canoes. We walked out of the port area and were greeted by girls from the visitors bureau in traditional dress. We walked into town to visit the Yap Living History Center where there were traditional huts, vendors of local crafts, and local carvers. We found a local tour which took us out into the countryside to visit the largest stone money bank on the island. After visiting the money bank we traveled to the coast, where there was a “Man’s House” . This house is where the men came to protect the village from enemy invaders. We then went to a “Community House” in another village. This building was a gathering point for the entire village. There was also a canal there that was used to float the stone money into the village. We returned back to the Yap Living History Center in time to see traditional dancers put on a folkloric show.

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