2014-01-28 - Moorea - Judy & Bob’s Travels

On This Day . . .

After spending overnight in Papeete, we traveled a distance of 22 miles and anchored at Opunohu Bay at 7:00 AM in Moorea. To get on the island we had to take a 15 minute tender ride to shore and landed in Papetoai, where the octagonal Papetoai Temple is located. Once on shore we took a tour of the island with our first stop being Belvedere Lookout with views of the island, it’s mountains and the coast. We then proceeded to circumnavigate the island. On of our stops, Ia Ora viewpoint, we saw one of the iconic resorts with huts that are on stilts in the water. From there we went to a Tiki Village for a look into the polynesian culture.

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