2014-01-25 - Pitcairn Island - Judy & Bob’s Travels

On This Day . . .

After 2 days at sea and another 1,286 miles into the Pacific, Pitcairn Island appeared before us. Pitcairn is where the crew of the HMS Bounty took refuge after their mutiny and today the descendants of the mutineers inhabit the island. This remote island is only reachable by the sea, and receives a supply boat 4 times a year. The island is very rugged and can only be approached by low draft boats, thus 42 islanders, most of the total population, had to come to our ship by longboat. Once on board they set up tables around the pool to sell their crafts. Before leaving the vessel they loaded supplies that they requested into the longboat. The last supplies to be loaded where ice cream and beer and then they quickly sped off back to the island.

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