2014-01-09 - Panama Canal - Judy & Bob’s Travels

On This Day . . .

On January 9,2014 we entered the Panama Canal at 6:30am. Although this was our sixth time at the Canal, we still are amazed by it’s wonders. The transit was completed by 4:00pm. We stayed in Gatun Lake for a short while waiting our turn to proceed thru the canal. Once on our way we passed several dredges that are constantly working to keep the canal clear. At Gamboa, we saw the Titan Crane, which is used to repair and move the lock gates. The canal is operated by water and gravity and during this transit we got to see mother nature in action as a rain squall came over the ship at the Pedro Miguel locks. During our transit the culinary team provide the first of many themed events on the main pool deck called a Panamanian Market.

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