March 12, 2013

We arrived back in the port of San Pedro (LA) , California on March 12, 2013. We spent the day in Long Beach, where we toured the Queen Mary, which is now a museum and hotel. The ship was in service from 1936 to 1967. The ship was quite large, 106 feet wide and 996 feet long with 8 decks and the engine room to explore. This took us most of the morning and part of the afternoon.

We then took the free red passport bus over to the Boardwalk. We walked around the area and out to the Lions Site Lighthouse where we had another view of the Queen Mary across the harbor.

In the evening we left San Pedro at Sunset and traveled down to Long Beach for the first “Meeting of the Queens“. This was a big event with music from the Queen May and simultaneous commentary from the Commodore who was aboard the Queen Elizabeth. The show ended about 7:45 and we were on our way to Mexico.

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