March 6, 2013

On March 6,2013, we arrived in Hilo on the island of Hawaii, USA. We went to the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park to visit the Kilauea Volcano area, where we first visited the Jaggar Museum to get an overview of the area and its history. At the museum area we could see the caldera of Kilauea, and views of Mauna Loa. There was also a distant view of Mauna Kea, these are the three major volcanoes that make up the island of Hawaii.

From the museum area we went to the Steam Vents, which are cracks in the earth where steam escapes. We then had a chance to walk through a Lava Tube, a tunnel that was formed when molten lava forms the tube and than recedes leaving the tunnel.

Our last stop was at Kilauea Iki, a side crater of Kilauea, that formed a giant lava lake and slag pile when it erupted in 1959.

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