February 16, 2013

After loosing a day by crossing the international dateline, we arrived in the capital of Samoa, Apia. We took a tour which covered about half of the island. The day was mostly cloudy with off and on showers. Our ship was docked in Apia Harbor and was a mile or so away from the town. Our first stop was Plum Pudding Rock another islet along the coast. We then proceeded inland thru Le Mafa Pass and then to Lotofaga Village where we had demonstrations of daily local culture. Here was also Sopo’aga Falls, one of the many on the island. From there we went to Tafatafa Beach on the other side of the island where we had lunch and time to view the area. We then crossed back to Apia stopping at Papapapaitai Falls which drops into an old volcano crater. When we entered Apia we passed by Robert Louis Stevenson’s Home and then had a tour of the capital before returning to the ship.

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