March 31, 2012

On March 31st we sailed into Grand Harbor in Malta. This is truly a spectacular entrance to the city of Valletta, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We were docked and ready to go ashore by 10:00 AM. Since the main street in Valletta is some 200 plus steps above the pier, we took a shuttle to the center of town.

We left the shuttle and crossed the street to view the Upper Barracca Gardens. From there we walked down to Republic Street and Freedom Square. Republic Street is the main pedestrian street which runs across the center of Valletta. We strolled down the street viewing the magnificent limestone buildings with the colorful balconies.

We then proceed to D’Office a restaurant for lunch. After lunch we started our way down the hill, traversing the many steps and steep roadways through Victoria Gate and back to the ship.

We wanted to get back early because today was National Freedom Day in Malta. Part of the celebration was a Rowing Regatta (featuring the traditional Maltese boat called Dghajsa) in which many teams vie to win for their community. We watched for the rest of the afternoon from our veranda. We stayed here over night and therefore saw the Grand Harbor at night.

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