November 20, 2011 

November 20, 2011. Today’s port was Civitavecchia, the “Gateway to Rome”, however we decided to venture to Ostia Antica, the ancient sea gateway to Rome. After a 45 minute drive we arrived in Ostia Antica. After passing the ticket booth we were on the Decumanus Maximus, the main road through the City. Immediately on our left we came to the Necropolis (Cemetery) which was outside the city walls. We then passed through the main gate Porto Romana and into the city. The first area we came to was the Republican Warehouses. The next area was The Baths of Neptune. Further along we came to the Theater and the Temple of Roma & Augustus situated in the forum along with the Forum Baths and public latrine. We then proceed to the merchants area where we went to the tavern and the mill & bakery. On our way out we passed the Square of the Guilds.

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